A portal will ready to accept the Den of the Wolven King

  • When you explore Wraeclast in the Fetiche leagues, you'll encounter sectors of floating stones, built by ancient Ezomyte Druids. You can sacrifice a set of several different Talismans from the very same tier to summon any monster possessed by a Mascota from the next tier way up. We've added many new Special Bosses for these encounters.

    Conquering the summoned monster to say their Talisman allows you to both improve your build with its strong implicit properties or to spend less a set of Talismans to try for tier. Sacrificing magic, unusual or unique Talismans with a Stone Circle grants Poe items for sale the opportunity to summon a monster had by a Talisman of related rarity.

    Rigwald the Wolven King led the Ezomytes during the Purity Rebellion. Therefore the ongoing freedom of his or her people, he recovered the particular Talismans of the First Kinds and called upon those old Ezomyte gods to help the dog. It was a First One referred to as Greatwolf who answered, and it also soon became apparent the Wolven King had lunged at off more than he could gnaw.

    When you sacrifice five in the third tier of Talismans, a portal will ready to accept the Den of the Wolven King, where you can challenge Rigwald himself. Possessed by the finest of Talismans, he positions a lethal threat, yet one yielding a substantial winning prize.