Can you give us a couple of examples?

  • MMORPG: You mentioned that there will be some never-before seen combinations due to new synergies and pairings between defining features. Can you give us a couple of examples?
    GGG: The Raider and the Slayer's abilities work well together, as they both get powerful effects against Rare as well as Unique enemies, making a great boss-killer.
    The Pathfinder effect now has a chance to generate Flask Charges on critical strikes, combining well with the Assassin's bonus critical chance.
    The actual Elementalist and Inquisitor provide potent Elemental Damage and ailment bonuses, while the Elementalist protects you from the damage being reflected back at you.
    We wanted to ask GGG about the coming Oriath closed beta and about their priorities for testing as well as what they think players will be focused upon.
    MMORPG: More generally, with the Fall of Oriath beta just around the corner, what will the team be looking at in particular in the opening hours?
    GGG: The first few hours of any launch has all eyes on server and game stability and looking out for any serious bugs. Once we assuage our immediate concerns, our own focus turns to monitoring the community's experience in terms of enjoyment.Buy Path Of Exile items We make note associated with popular feedback and also any changes that might need to be made in the coming week.