RuneScape Loots Cape Added to LootScape & Cheap RS Mobile Gold

  • There is a new product added to the benefits from LootScape -- Loots Cape, which is a cosmetic override for your cape slot. However , to get it you need to connect your RuneScape account to your Twitch account first. Additionally , there is always cheap RS mobile gold here.
    LootScape new praise - Loots Cape
    It’s officially stated that the new product named Loots Cape was first available on January 9 via January’s Twitch loot cage, which is a reward obtained through LootScape RuneScape.
    But actually this particular cosmetic override for your cape slot might be dropped as early as January 1, 2018 before the first January stream, if you saved an obtained loot cage previously and opened up it in January according to some lucky players.
    Another chance to win Loots Cape this month
    If you missed the livestream - The Year Forward Q&A yesterday, don’t be disappointed. You will see a Livestream regarding PvM with Mod Lee at 19: 00 UTC (Game Time) on January 14. What’s more, LootScape will be also enabled for this stream. That means you have another chance to win Loots Cape.
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    All in all, we just offer you another way to buy inexpensive RS gold.Cheap RS 3 Gold As well as don’t forget to tune in for the upcoming reside stream and succeed in-game goodies like Loots