Pittsburgh Steelers abhorrent coordinator

  • "This able year, the way he was just talking, it was Madden 18 Coins like he knew something," Steve said. "My dad, he is a complete religious man and I bethink he told me, that was afore I arise for camp, he was like, 'Man, if God calls me over today, I would be one beholden antecedent because you've developed up. You're at the point in your activity across you've done accumulated I basal you to do and accomplish and you've still got a lot more. So if God calls me today, I apperceive you'll be able in your life.'

    "Then complete things he would say and this happens, you know."

    It's that commemoration -- one from antecedent to son a few months ago -- that has comforted Steve in the able few canicule as he goes through the toughest associate of his life.

    Pittsburgh Steelers abhorrent coordinator Todd Haley on Thursday got his adventitious to bribery on the Antonio Brown flare-up, and he echoed the affect from abounding in the locker room.