Indianapolis pony opened for the statue of Payton - Manning

  • In the hundreds of fans and celebrity coach Tony - Dungi (Tony Dungy), Hall of Fame team manager Bill - Polian (Bill Polian) and Union President Roger - Goodel (Roger Goodell) watch, Indianapolis The pony opened the statue of Madden 18 Coins Peyton Manning at the square outside Lucas Oil Stadium.

    Manning, who once became the league's most valuable player, said at the end of his speech that "I would always be a part of the pony" and threw signature football into the audience.

    The statue mimicked Manning ready to pass the pony jersey.

    In the pony game, Manning will be selected for the team Hall of Fame and become the pony moved to Indianapolis after the first player to get the jersey retired.
    Manning in 2007 to help the pony to 29-17 victory over the Chicago Bears won the team history of the first Super Bowl champion, he became the game's most valuable player.