Lionel Messi's ratings look like five years into the game?

  • FIFA 18: What would FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi's ratings look like five years into the game?
    Lionel Messi is widely considered to be one of the greatest football players of all-time and the 30-year-old has been the go-to player for FC Barcelona for a considerable period of time.
    A four-time Ballon D'Or winner, the Argentine has been given an overall rating of 93 on cheap fifa 18 coins. But have you ever wondered how his numbers will look like five many years from now? Well, here's how.
    TIMORE 18 was released upon September 29 after months of hype and build up. It promises to be bigger and better, with improved gameplay and features.
    Messi, who was earlier the cover star for the game, is second in the player ratings list behind Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a ranking of 94.
    A player performed a quick simulation of the game until 2022 where Messi will be 35 years old. In some startling revelations, it was found that he has changed clubs as well as joined A-League club Brisbane Roar. His overall rating would have plummeted to 83 from a lofty 93 in the span of the five simulated yrs.
    He will be valued at $23 million and will get a wage of $11, 500. In terms of individual stats, his athleticism is at 59, technical ability at 85, shooting at 80, passing at 78, defending at 20 and also mentality at 68.
    This isn't the first time someone had does a ruse of what a player's stats will be like when they are old. When FIFA 17 released, a user named Rich Leigh did a simulation of what Messi's stats would be like if the player till he was 40.
    One can expect more such brilliant simulations along with observations prop up as more and more players buy the game and take to it.
    It truly is quite a strange sight to see someone like Lionel Messi drop down so drastically. cheap fut 18 coins An 83 rating five decades later is debatable and it can be argued that it is a tad harsh. What is even more surprising is the Argentine's salary, which has seen a fall of epic proportions.