Path of Exile - Skill Effects Sale Arrives this Weekend

  • Grinding Gear Games has just announced a weekend sale for their popular ARPG title Route of Exile. The sale focuses on skill effects in the game.
    Startin now, until October 10 various available skill effects in Journey of Exile will receive a discount. buy poe items This results a total of over 70 microtransactions and some of them will cost as low as 5 points! This is a great opportunity for you guys to grab those epic skill outcomes that you always wanted to have.
    The list of specials that will be affected by the sale weekend include:
    Arcane Skill Effect Pack
    Gloom Herald Effect
    Black Hole Vortex Effect
    Verdant Split Arrow Effect
    Imp Haste
    Divine Herald Effect
    Purple Arc Effect
    Dragon Totem skin
    Spark Spiders Effect
    Lightning Skull Wrath
    These are just a few from the massive list of skill effects that you can purchase for Path of Exile. Buy Path Of Exile items Check out the store page to decide which ones you’ll be picking up during the weekend break sale. The devs have also shared some videos for the best ability effects currently available. Check them out below.