Path of Exile Now Available on Xbox One

  • Earlier this year, Grinding Gear Games announced that the Diablo-esque ARPG Path of Exile would be making it’s way to Xbox 1.Path Of Exile items  Today, the game has finally launched on the Microsoft home console, accompanied by a brand new launch trailer.
    Path of Exile sees players choosing a class with their own rich backstory, as you are exiled to the Wraeclast continent and left to try and survive. You will be tasked with getting stronger and more powerful to take revenge on those who have put you here. The game is free-to-play, though the team behind it are adamant that it will never be pay-to-win. This seems to indeed be the case too, since microtransactions are based around cosmetics, and not anything that will aid you in advancing any quicker than any other players. Plunge deep into a dark fantasy world filled with addictive combat, plentiful customization and much, much more that has kept players playing for hundreds of hours so far.
    The recent Fall of Oriath expansion that has been introduced to the game brings even more content to PoE, Path Of Exile items for sale with six new acts, as well as the brand new Pantheon character personalization system with which gamers can “wield the power of the gods themselves. ”
    Path associated with Exile, one of the most played games on Steam, is now available on PC and Xbox One particular, along with the new Fall of Oriath expansion. For more information on the game, be sure to stop by the official website, which you can find at the following link.