The Various Styles of Corset, in Chronological Order, and How T

  • Tudor Cheap Shapewear / Elizabethan.

    Tudor corsets are conical in shape and rarely extend below the waist. They may be fitted with tabs along the lower edge to hold a farthingale in place, and lace up the back only. When worn with an appropriate skirt will give the illusion of a very small waist. The bust is pushed up, to dramatic effect. Can be somewhat uncomfortable when worn for long periods, especially around the armpits and bust line. Tends to 'dig in'.

    1700's - 1800's

    Although straight-fronted  Cheap Sexy Clothes , these corsets are shapelier and more fitted, the curves more subtle, but the garment can be rigid and unforgiving. Normally reaches below the waist, with decorative split panels and tabs. Laces at both rear and front, the latter can be fully closed or laces hidden by a stomacher or plastron. Provides support without being over-rigid, the shape makes

    reduction more comfortable. Bust and shoulders are showcased to good effect by low front, but may be over-exposed for some occasions. The figure is subtly enhanced rather than reshaped.

    Victorian Hourglass or Wasp-waist

    Early Victorian. This corset follows the line of the figure, but pulls the waist in sharply. A straight top edge provides a shelf-like bust line. Although dramatic waist reduction and good bust support is achieved, the rest of the figure maintains its original shape. The sudden sharp turns and upthrust bust may appear somewhat unnatural and contrived to some, and is perhaps seen as a little outmoded for today's tastes.


    Later Victorian Hourglass

    With a gentler curve than the earlier wasp-waist, this corset still gives a noticeable reduction to the waist. Supporting the bust without overly forcing upwards, the curve sweeps in gradually from bust to middle, with the corset descending low over the hips to balance the effect. When walking, the lower body and buttocks have a pronounced sway, with the middle remaining static. Comfortable for prolonged tight-lacing, stress is distributed more evenly and all-over support is more noticeable. Whilst a pleasant sensation of tightness can be experienced over the hips, it is possible to lace too tightly, putting pressure on the abdomen, with no apparent initial discomfort.


    Edwardian. A perfectly straight front, with the top edge being just below the nipple. The highly decorated front is very long in comparison to the back, and often has attached suspenders. The bust is projected forward and the backside rearwards, with the whole figure appearing to slant forwards. The effects of this corset are by far the most dramatic and contrived. More like a fetish.