FIFA 18 PC Update Out Now, Which It Does

  • FIFA 18's first update has gone out now for the PERSONAL COMPUTER version, making a number of changes across modes such as Ultimate Group, The Journey: Seeker Returns, and gameplay overall.

    For Ultimate Team, this patch adds new performance for missed photos, while the update additionally fixes an issue where the crowd had the wrong flags if the house team was putting on a certain jersey. There was also an issue making it possible to control the keeper in single-player that has now been fixed.

    In terms of general gameplay fixes, this FIFA 18 patch knobs back the difficulty for the Amateur and Semi-Pro difficulties, so newcomers should have an easier period now. Additionally , keeper reactions has been transformed in "certain situations. " As for the single-player changes, The Journey's issue in chapter 5 where the video game could crash ought to now be categorized out with this up-date.

    Today's FIFA 18 patch for PERSONAL COMPUTER also fixes a few minor audio issues and fifa ultimate Team 18 coins adds improvements to goal internet animations. It also adds the Bundesliga broadcast package. You can see the entire patch notes beneath, as posted on EA's website. A possibility immediately clear when this patch will be out for Ps 4 and Xbox 360 One. Consoles often have lengthier certification processes for patches, that could explain why this particular update is hitting first on PERSONAL COMPUTER.