FIFA 18: How to pull off the El Tornado

  • FIFA 18 noticed the release of a brand new skill called El Tornado.

    As showed in the trailer, the actual move sees the player spin the ball over their foot before flicking it up and volleying it.

    Performing the actual El Tornado is extremely easy to do – just follow these types of steps:

    On the PS4;

    Simply hold down the L1 switch and move the Right Analogue Stick upwards and sideways (corresponding to the direction you want to move the ball to).

    On the Xbox 360 One:

    Hold down the LB switch and move the actual RS upwards as well as sideways.

    You can carry out the move on a PS3 Xbox 360 as well as PC, too.

    Remember, only select players in FIFA 18 are Fifa 18 Player Auction coins able to pull off El Tornado skill move.

    These players are:

    · Cristiano Ronaldo

    · Antoine Griezmann

    · Dele Alli

    · Roberto Carlos

    EA has stated if footballers pull off El Tornado within real life, their digital likeness will uncover the ability to perform the actual skill move in FIFA 18.