It's kind of like a good homage to the initial acts

  • The fact that Path associated with Exile is getting 5 new acts besides the Poe items for sale expected Act Sixth is v comes with a minor stipulation - Acts MIRE, VII, VIII, IX and X are usually effectively a reworking from the game’s original functions, with new NPCs, art styles, missions, bosses and designs. So while these types of acts aren’t totally fresh, they will feel as if new areas in lots of ways.

    Wilson talked me personally through the motivation with this. poe Chaos Orb “The problem is both replays in the middle. A possibility perfect and with Way of Exile visiting China it's the opposite of what they may used to playing. Exactly what we're doing with this particular release is placing an act : Act V rapid but we're additionally creating five brand new acts to go later on. These are loosely in line with the original five serves in the game and you might think of it as a second playthrough, but the content is basically all new. The NPCs are either not the same as the ones before, as well as same ones with assorted stories, they discuss what's happened once you left. The employers and quests are generally entirely different, and also the locations are possibly re-imaginings of the aged ones, or fully new ones you had a hint of prior to but couldn't really go and visit. For storyline reasons you have to return through the same locations, but it feels completely different. It's kind of like a good homage to the initial acts. ”