private luxury yacht charter in Croatia

  • We used wifi. We didn't assume that Rovinj is full of empty hotel rooms in peak season. At Villa Sveti Petar we were expected a day later, but we wrote an e-mail, and half an hour later Anna-Maria replied, "We look forward to seeing you tonight."
    Farewell to Daisy and our skipper John. The earth would soon pass in the stout stony walls, although it swayed underfoot for some time. Out Of The Blue we got the best room -other rooms were inhabited. Closing the doorway of the room that was new, we felt the most happy moment of the entire excursion. Why? We're ready to divulge our big secret. here

    Sailing in Croatia is amazingly beautiful! Sometimes blue, occasionally turquoise water; snowy-white sails filled with wind; you're free as a bird; salt spray and white sea foam in your face!
    Music is everywhere, and the atmosphere is full of enticing flavors of tasty food from the beachfront. You sit with candles and a bottle of wine on your own yacht, smiling at each other and comparing the impressions of the wasted day. Tourists wander around the embankment or sit on the sidelines with this romantic fairytale. Maybe someday tourists will additionally choose charter and sailing yacht that is own!