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  • Hey guys there is recently a OSRS Q&A that had lots of good information. There's a full transcript of the on Reddit or you are able to just watch everything on YouTube. But once we are huge Runescape enthusiasts and always searching for that 07 runescape gold, we wanted to share a few things that caught our attention with this Q&A.


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    Ok which means this was quite interesting to know. Some people were frustrated in the manner that players might bring in a lot of people to begin a raid and after that kick them out so they get a lot of loot. This is something which will (or may be) fixed to in which the loot you're going to get from a raid has become set to the number of people are within the raid all the time so if individuals are kicked out the loot can change accordingly.

    Inferno: 1 question people experienced was if Inferno might require all 3 combat styles. They kind associated with dodged this query and said that it's yet to end up being determined. But they did make reference to how the created and balance isn't finalized yet. To tell the truth we do not mind that they go about this particular.

     Some players have desired to see the OSRS reception updated, but this doesn't sound like it will happen as they said it might be a huge job to complete. So it doesn't look like there's any major changes visiting the lobby at any time soon.

    There was good quality info in this particular Q&A and typically we feel they did answer any question which was thrown their method pretty fairly (other than the Inferno 1) what are a few of the things that captured your eye with this OSRS Q&A?