The name of the proposed knight to introduce Cousins

  • According to previous reports, if the knights lost this year's finals, then this summer, they may break the existing three giant lineup. While the power forward Kevin - Carrefour, the most likely to be traded .
    In the past season, Carrefour played the best performance after joining the Cavaliers, his regular stadium data are close to 20 +10, the playoffs have repeatedly played out of color. However, as an inside, Lok Fu weak style of the wind, but often criticized by the outside world.
    Mark - Spears believes that if the knights want to continue in the next few seasons with the Warriors confrontation, this summer, they have to adjust the lineup, the introduction of some of the more tough players. "I think they (knights) will make some major adjustments ... ... If you want to create trouble for the Warriors, for my words, will Kevin - Carrefour sent to the pelican, in exchange for (DeMarcus) Cousins , Not to say that Cousins will perform well against the Warriors, but if I put him in a knighty environment, I think he will renew with the Cavaliers and give the team some different Something, perhaps, these changes can create trouble for the mighty men. "Spears wrote.
    Compared to the Lok Fu, Cousins has a stronger inside lethality. But in the past few years, both in the king, or the middle of the season to switch to pelicans, Cousins has been experiencing setbacks.
    The reason why such a problem, on the one hand by Cowins own character caused. Since entering the NBA, the test god has always been famous to stir up the king, his career so far, he inside and outside the stadium, and including coaches, referees, management, teammates, opponents and so almost everyone had a conflict.
    But also because of the temptation of the character, the king was finally intolerable, he went to the pelican deal. But in the pelican half a season, test the gods are not smooth, he and Anthony - Davis's internal twin towers combination, has not shown enough power. However, Spears believes that in the Knight - this more mature team, Cousins of the situation may be changed. And for the knight, in order to continue to maintain the championship camp, adventure trading test god, is also worth considering the management options.