James paved the way for me to join the Warriors!

  • Last summer when Kevin - Durant joined the Warriors when triggering hot outside, many people think that KD should not choose Baotuan. Today KD said LeBron - James paved the way for him to join the super team https://www.lolga.com/nba-2k-18/nba-2k-18-mt .
    KD claimed that from the Thunder team to the Warriors, and did not consider the super team; but Durant admitted that James opened a precedent for Baotuan. In the summer of 2010, James announced his talent to Miami, and Chris Bosh and Dwyane - Wade set up the Big Three. Baotuan, James in the Miami Heat four years all into the finals, and 2 times to win. In the summer of 2014, James returned to Cleveland, the Cavaliers and through the transaction to get Kevin - Carrefour, once again set up the Big Three!
    "As time goes on, these flows become normal, people begin to see it as a normal move," KD said, "I want them to make the best decision on their own, not a good decision for others." "Together with the Water Brothers and Drummond - Green, KD approached the first championship of his career. 2 games this year before the final battle, Warriors 2-0 leading defending champion Cavaliers.
    "This is the definition of a free agent," KD said. "I admire LeBron, and praise Ramakus (Aldridge). Of course, also appreciate those who stay, everyone has done what they want, That is the strength of the free agent. "Of course, KD will not be the last Baotuan superstar. According to the previous rumors, Chris Paul plans to seriously consider joining the Spurs in the free market this summer.