Looking for Chinese girl as a girlfriend

  • 2017 Stanley Cup finals are staged, the championship is the Nashville predators and Pittsburgh penguins, the current score of 2-2 for both sides, the game is about to enter the "War of Heaven." As the Stanley Cup to get the "come", Taylor also made the final score to predict. He said: "Pittsburgh team is popular before, but Nashville's home is very strong,  https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins can not say they have no hope.I think will play 7 games, although it is difficult to guess who will win, but I think can hit the last , It will be a very exciting finals."Like the Chinese girl, looking for a person who can understand me".
    Taylor - Segun's popularity not only from his super strength, known as the "ice hockey on the Beckham" he, by virtue of the handsome image and sculpture-like body, the same is NHL famous " " In private, he will play performances, guest programs, but also when the model, for a variety of magazines to take pictures.
    Ice hockey is a handsome project. Many fans listed their own NHL "Yan value list", Taylor is always ranked among the top three candidates. In the face of Tencent sports interview, talked about their own value in the league when the hello, Taylor's answer is very modest: "I have never seen this ranking before, if you want to be in the top 10 bar Maybe because I have a lot of tattoos, so we will like me.
    If the handsome shape is Taylor's attention to the "weapons", then the tattoo is lost thousands of girls add points. Taylor is a fanatical tattoo enthusiast, won the Stanley Cup carved in the ribs of the tattoo, it is the most meaningful for him that.
    "My arms are tattoos, all on the back, they have recorded my birthplace, some recorded my family's name and birthday.To say the most meaningful, or get the championship after the pattern On the ribs, I'm a tattoo enthusiast.
    As a "golden bachelor", when asked about the standard girlfriend, Taylor actually blurted out: "I like the Chinese girl!" Then he smiled and explained: "I want to find a funny person, together to make me happy people Of course, it 's more important to understand me, understand the life of the ice hockey player, and understand that it' s not easy for us to run around.