There are only two Gude Luo Shots

  • Marauders aspect, Fisher - Neil - Arvidsson group suffered setbacks last game, their offense was dominant last first team, making just 1 second highest threat scoring opportunity, 7 to give opponents chances , If the back to the home predators to make adjustments to the lineup, then this group of people will bear the brunt, 5 games only scored 2 goals is clearly unable to meet the requirements of the team; behind Fosbury - Xisen - Aberger Is the best performer in the races who played the game, with 67% of their offensive dominance, giving the opponent a chance to score a high threat, but they did not make a high threat of scoring when they were there. risks; Yang Crocker - Watson - Smith is playing the game the original team of three groups , but as the game, the last game comeback Wilson Watson replace the position, Wilson play the game in general , Only one shot to try to be opponents blocked, but he was present when the team's offensive dominance up to 92%, 12 shots to try, and opponents only 1, he may become the game predators team Jones; Four groups of Delaunay in general, though playing time over 10 minutes, the attack rate also led the team average, but not to create a high-threat scoring opportunities, but there are only two Gude Luo Shots.
    On the frontcourt, the penguin's top card, Cross, played a game that could be the best of his career. From the first minute he was murderous, and three assists were crucial, two of them the opening goal two assists, he helped a group referred to Xie Rui broke the recent downturn, but also willing to help Zell tied the NHL rookie playoff scoring record of history, Crosby played more than 18 minutes than the last game.