James can not move knight

  • Warriors did not let the tragedy of the season repeat, they firmly hold the victory, the fifth game to 129-120 victory over the Cavaliers, the total score of 4-1 to win. Durant scored 39 points and seven rebounds and five assists, Curry 34 points and 10 assists, the Warriors to playoff 16 wins and 1 record win. Warriors in the first section of the game shooting 62.5%, rebounds to 10-9 dominant, the first section to 37-33 lead, but there are 16 fouls and 12 turnovers. Warriors David - West and the Cavaliers Tristan - Thompson broke out between the conflict, Jinzhou seems to win more desire, substitute scoring more. Cavaliers James 41 points and 13 rebounds and eight assists, Irving 26 points, J.R. Smith 25 points, including seven three-pointers. But the Warriors have Durant, Adu in the fourth quarter repeatedly hit the key ball.

    Since 2001 after the Shaquille O'Neal, Durant became the first in the history of the final five consecutive games scoring 30 + players. This is his first career NBA https://www.lolga.com/nba-2k-18/nba-2k-18-mt  championship, Durant left in July last year, Oklahoma City Thunder, joined the Warriors. Five years ago the finals, KD had lost to James, five years later he beat James Revenge to win. Durant in the finals averaged 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists 1.6 blocks 1 steals, 55.6% shooting, 47.4% three-point shooting, no suspense was elected to the finals MVP.
    Warriors have just won the championship this season, the Cavaliers came in second place, the Spurs lost 12 in the third place, the fourth is the Boston Celtics. Warriors have four superstars Durant, Curry, Thompson and Green, they won the NBA championship in the past three years, whether you are willing to admit, the Warriors are promising to build a dynasty team.
    James once again played the perfect data 41 points and 13 rebounds and eight assists, but these are not enough to drive the Cavaliers. Starting from the second quarter, the Cavaliers are behind. James in the last three years in the finals twice lost to the Warriors, LeBron in the finals the data is very gorgeous averaged 33.6 points and 12 rebounds and 10 assists, but such a Zhanhuang was unable to drive the Cavaliers. After the game, James to Durant a hug, bless each other. Unlike last season, this year the Warriors have Durant, he repeatedly in the fourth quarter to the Cavaliers fatal blow.