Ubud opposed the award

  • Wizards of the young striker Kelly - Ubud has been in the NBA for two seasons, he was interviewed in the recent interview with the number of participants in the surge in the impact of the young players is not really good. "In my opinion, for the present child, the feeling of being able to participate in the game is great, but if everyone can get a trophy, that get the MVP players will look at everyone, as if to say 'I I really did it in the game, so I think the participation prize is to make the children have a better feeling and look forward to participating in the game https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins , but after the end of the day, when they are 20 years old, the reality will be Give them a heavier blow.When you get a participation prize, you will be satisfied with this award and some people will become lazy.

    Finals fourth, Wade scene watch, sitting on the sidelines he attracted the attention of many people, today Wade also Twitter with the netizens were interactive, when a friend asked, he and Owen who is more Good end of the time, Wade modesty said, "Drew Uncle", there are users that, when the finals scene Wade, James has been winning, this Wade said, "brother, do not So I boast, I and the knight to win the G4 did not have any relationship, I reiterated again, I and they did not win any relationship. "There are friends sharp asked, for James to abandon the Heat, join the knight, together with the young version of Wade and Booth won, Wade would feel depressed, and Wade replied, "I will never be frustrated by another man who made his own best decision, his history, his family, my It 's not the kind of people that people think.