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  • But for the a lot of NBA 2K18 MT part, there's not abundant larboard to discuss. Except for the accessible takeaway from Friday night's columnist conference: If you admiration why there hasn't been abundant backfire in the face of all the agitation the able few weeks, watching Jeremy Lin up abutting is the best answer. Even as the storm of aberration spirals into full-on Humans Magazine territory, the guy at the centermost of it still seems affectionate of normal.


     Not preachy, not too proud, not too spiteful. Just normal. And NBA 2K17 MT that's affectionate of awesome, isn't it?Now, abroad in Orlando...IMPORTANT ALL-STAR NOTE: ALL THE COOL KIDS WEAR GLASSES NOWI got into Orlando Friday afternoon and just absent the adventitious to arise "media availability" for all of this year's All-Stars, but I'm appealing abiding the bigger takeaway from that question-and-answer bacchanal is that today's superstars


    REALLY like to abrasion glasses.Really. If the de-facto compatible for groupies this weekend is a two-sizes-too-small dress with stilettos no-less-than-eight-inches long, afresh the compatible for the superstars their allure is a checkerboard shirt with at atomic two accidental pockets, and those new-agey wire-frame glasses. It's in actuality affectionate of incredible. Is the NBA ruining the apparition of all its superstars?(photos via Nicki Jhabavla and Getty)


    SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO ... The guy sitting on a bank in alpha of my auberge in a white-tee and cast flops, bubbler Hpnotiq at two in the afternoon. In actuality couldn't accept asked for a bigger acceptable to All-Star Weekend.ADDITIONAL SHOUTOUT TO...Jeremy Lin's parents, who banned to kiss on the Kiss Cam during the amateur game. YEAH THE ROOKIE GAME'S DEPRESSING BUT JUST  at http://www.nba18mt.com/