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  • The Nets were bombing threes all over the place and about to take control of a Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins gotta-have-it Game 3 against the Heat when a minor scuffle involving Alan Anderson and Pierce's old running mate Ray Allen broke out in front of the Nets' bench. It got loud at Barclays Center and it wasn't because of a t-shirt toss. Much has been made throughout the season about the


    Brooklyn crowd and its underwhelming response to the team that happens to play in its borough. Perhaps it's the polished building the Nets now call home that lacks the well-worn grit and embedded memories of generations past. Or maybe it's the arranged marriage between an area that's in a state of perpetual evolution and a franchise from New Jersey that showed up one day on Atlantic Avenue with a collection of star players from other cities.


    The Home Team Meet the NetsDavid RothTwo not-very-quiet nights at home with an NBA team that's figuring out what it is, and what it will be. The Home Team Meet the NetsThat was magnified during the first round series with Toronto where the manic energy that pulsated through the Raptors' building and out into the town square presented one of the best playoff atmospheres this side of fabled Oracle to


    Arena in Oakland. Aside from a few committed pockets of rabid fans, this is a Cheap NFL 18 Coins group that waits to be prompted, and it doesn't take much for the game ops to try and solicit a reaction. Literally everything is cause for the PA man to try and get a reaction.But this scene was different. It wasn't forced or contrived. It was a real connection between a crowd and a team.