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  • And as has been noted far and wide, he's the rare player beloved both by the eyeball camp and the math folks. He's just really great, and I hope a lot of people watch Raps-Nets because everyone should be watching Amir.Speaking of which ... The MUT 18 Coins Improbable Vet Amir Johnson and the Raptors8. HOW DO WE FEEL ABOUT THE NETS?It's been a roller coaster season for


    Brooklyn. They once battled the Knicks as the most disappointing, hilarious failure in the league. Then they fixed the problems and went on a tear. Then they limped into the playoffs and quite possibly tanked to draw Toronto instead of Chicago.This is a team that can sweep the Heat with four skin-of-their-teeth wins in the regular season and also lose to the Knicks, Magic and Cavaliers in the final week of the season. This is a team with two living legends in Kevin


    Garnett and Paul Pierce, an All-Star point guard in Deron Williams and a deep, useful supporting cast. It's also a team with Playoff Andray Blatche, head coach Jason Kidd,a role player who is bringing Hooter's to Russia and an owner who makes Mark Cuban look like Fred Mertz.If the Nets get handled by the Raptors -- which is a distinct possibility, because on paper the Raptors have been much better than the Nets -- will we all just laugh at the $180 million failure?


    If they win, will we bow to experience and veteran savvy? Can we ever really process the Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins implications of this Frankenstein creation of a bottomless payroll and vet-crazed general manager? No matter what happens, I fear we'll have no way of understanding what the Nets team seeks to teach us.7. PLAYOFF SIR FOSTERYour friendly reminder that we will get at least two games of the playoff stylings ofSir Foster, the