Orlando Magic and NBA 2K18 MT

  • Orlando Magic, and a victory would give them the No. 1 seed. Indiana could also earn the top seed if the Miami Heat fall to either the Washington Wizards or Philadelphia 76ers. Sunday Shootaround A season to celebratePaul FlanneryInjured stars and blatant tanking happened, but so did the brilliance of Kevin Durant and the budding of stars such as Steph Curry, Blake Griffin, Paul George and Kevin Love. The NBA 2K18 MT 2013-14 season has been one to celebrate. Sunday Shootaround


    A season to celebrateThe battle for the No. 3 seed remains fierce, as the Toronto Raptors moved back into that slot thanks to a victory over the Detroit Pistons and a Chicago Bulls loss to the New York Knicks. Both the Raptors and Bulls are 47-33, but if the two teams finish the year tied, Toronto gets the No. 3 seed by virtue of winning the Atlantic Division. Toronto closes the year against two non-playoff teams in the Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks, while Chicago has the


    Magic and Charlotte Bobcats.Speaking of the Bobcats, they can get the No. 6 seed with two wins and a single Wizards loss. One win and two Wizards losses would also do the trick. In addition to Chicago, Charlotte plays the Atlanta Hawks to finish off the year. After playing the Heat on Monday, Washington will end the year against the Boston Celtics.


    The Wizards can actually still move up to the No. 5 seed with two wins and two Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins Brooklyn Nets losses. The Nets close out the year against the Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers.Here's a look at the East playoff standings (x - clinched playoff berth, y - clinched division):WLGB1. y - Indiana Pacers5526-2. y - Miami Heat5426½3. y - Toronto Raptors47337½4. x - http://www.mtnba2k.com/