This meant that the NBA Live Mobile Coins

  • This meant that the Scottrade staff had only 40 minutes to clear out 17,955 fans from NBA Live Mobile Coins the Kansas/Eastern Kentucky game, which was so close that few people left early. The result was a host of people who paid for tickets to the evening session missing a solid chunk of the Wichita State/Cal Poly game."I was perturbed," Shocker fan Mike Meitznertold the Wichita Eagle. "


    And you can quote me on that."I'm happy they did.Five Day Two Images1. CANEVARI NAE NAEBest photo of Sporting News (@sportingnews) March 21, 20172. Thrill of victory (Stephen F. Austin)Jeff Gross (Getty Images)3. Agony of defeat (North Carolina Central)4. A Virginia player was so anxious about Coastal Carolina's upset bid that he just needed to take a breakBob Donnan (USA Today)5. Dunking and watching in New Mexico/StanfordDilip Vishnawat (Getty Images)


    Three Best Day Two Dunks1. Tennessee's Jordan McRae2. Kansas' Andrew WigginsYoung man has a future.3. North Carolina's JP TokotoOkay, it was more about the spin.Five Notable Day Two Quotes1."Man, we can be playing the grandmas of North Dakota ... this is the NCAA Tournament. I'd still be scared. Not necessarily scared, but I'd still be nervous and looking forward to playing them because it's the tournament. It's the top 64 teams in the country." --Kansas center Tarik Black2."


    You guys have a hell of basketball team. I love the game, and you guys play the Cheap NBA 2K18 MT game really, really well. And your coach coaches it well. If we had to be beaten, I glad we were beaten by a hell of a basketball team. So good luck to you." --Mike Krzyzewski in the Mercer locker room following Duke's loss3. "You could feel the guys: ‘Come on