This is why the Pac-NFL 18 Coins

  • This is why the Pac-12 Tournament is liable to be very hard-fought: Only Arizona and UCLA look like NCAA Tournament locks, but as many as six other teams are still within spitting distance of the bubble.Suggested slogan for the Pac-12: Bet on NFL 18 Coins our games ... being fun and exciting contests between student-athletesColorado has a win over Kansas, which helps a bunch, and Cal and Arizona State both took down 'Zona, but none of those teams should feel safe, and


    Oregon, Stanford, and Utah are all floating around the in/out divide. A team that wins the Pac-12 Tournament can feel pretty safe; a team that wins a game over Arizona at the Pac-12 Tournament can probably relax, too.But there might be enough timber to build a bridge to the NCAA Tournament available even without those two conditions, and there will be a half-dozen teams scrapping for it. Suggested slogan for the Pac-12


    Bet on our games ... being fun and exciting contests between student-athletes!Bubble trouble? Sooo much. Go back and read those last three paragraphs again.Okay, now consider this: A Pac-12 team knocking off Arizona clears the field for other Pac-12 teams to make a run, and helps those teams almost as much as it helps itself. What if Utah, sitting around the No. 8/9 spot in the Pac-12, and thus set to see Arizona first, knocks off the


    Wildcats, something it's come close to doing twice this year? That helps itsrésumé immeasurably, and also clears a really nice path for the No. 4 or No. 5 seed that gets Utah instead of Arizona.Utah's the only really likely bid thief, as the seven teams likely to Buy MUT 18 Coins be ahead of it on the seeding chart should get in even with early exits (or will end up on the bubble themselves), but good play in Vegas by