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  • This is the situation created by whatSI's Andy Glockner terms the "Small Conference Entertainment Complex," in which small leagues send a NBA Live Mobile Coins tournament winner rather than a regular season champion to the NCAA Tournament.March Madness begins   • March 10 bracketology • The conference championship cheat sheet • Oregon exposes Arizona's offense • Andrew Wiggins' drool-worthy 41 points


    The problem is that a tournament doesn't necessarily reward "the best" team. It rewards the team that wins three to four games, which seems less substantive a sample than the 16-to-20 game conference season. Hypothetically, conferences should want their best squad in the NCAA Tournament, to bring recognition to the league.


    Equally hypothetically, fans should want the best squads in the tournament, because they'll have the best chance of pulling off an upset. Yet because conference tournaments are fun, we allow this sort to persist. This year, the Small Conference Entertainment Complex is racking up victims. Three of the heaviest favorites to win their conferences were Vermont


    Green Bay, and Davidson. The Catamounts went 15-1 in Buy NBA Live Coins America East play; Kenpom had them 82 slots aheadof their closest competition in the league. The Phoenix were 14-2 in Horizon League play, 25 slots clear of their closest opponent. And the Wildcats were 15-1 in league play and 59 better than the next best team.But after four combined losses all season, each team lost in their