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  • World of Warcraft (WoW) currently holds the majority of MMORPG wow gold market. To estimate the hugeness of the game; there are roughly 11,000,000 characters in the world shelved under WoW accounts which may contain up to 10, which may compose of 54% in the Alliance and 46% in Horde. Humans topped the race count in Alliance, sharing 18% of the total population of the Guild, while Blood elves dominate the Horde.

    Clearly, in some parts of the world, our love of technology has gone too far. In South Korea, the internet age has proved a doubleedged sword: while the country boasts some of the fastest, cheapest and most pervasive broadband networks in the world, it has also produced a generation of youngsters for whom the virtual reality of the web has become more important than their real lives. At a boot camp about an hour south of the capital Seoul, groups of 20 youngsters, almost always boys, follow a rigorous programme of mental and physical exercises. They are all internet addicts who thought nothing of spending more than 15 hours a day online, either taking part in the multiplayer online roleplaying games that are such an intrinsic part of Korean youth culture, or simply surfing the web and chatting to friends across cyberspace. The actionpacked schedule at the Jump Up Internet Rescue School is designed to reconnect them with the simple pleasures of the real world, and to wean them off the peculiar, vicarious joys of a virtual existence.

    You may be quite surprised to find that you need to look at installing an runescape money even if you wear an oldfashioned car. You might not think that your 1995 Honda Civic is a target for thieves, but according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, this model popular among thieves recent posts, 2007, followed by a 1989 Toyota Camry!

    None of this has answered my original question: Is human interaction dead? My answer currently is no, but that can change within a decade or two when future generations have grown up with online gaming as a regular source for entertainment. I believe that human interaction will never truly die, but gaming is merely a pseudo human interaction and people aren't technically "friends" with the people they met online.

    What to play? This is the allimportant question, and one that will make or break your party. Start with your friends: what games do you usually play? This game whatever it may be will be the game that gets the most mileage during your party. Being all together will certainly open up new strategies and new wrinkles to whatever you are playing (if only the 'in yer face!' factor of inperson versus play), in addition to the tactical advantages of having a 'Lagfree' connection that is only possible when you are on a LAN.

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