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  • Call of Thunder: (Rank 5) now gives 5% critical buy wow gold strike chance. Chain Lightning: This ability will no longer jump to secondary targets which are under the effect of crowdcontrol spells that break on taking damage. Polymorph, Sap, etc. Earth Shield: Mana cost reduced roughly in half, and charges reduced from 10 to 6. Elemental Focus: This buff will no longer be removed when Shamanistic Focus is triggered. Flametongue Weapon: Having different ranks of this enchantment cast on two different weapons will no longer cause the enchantments to trigger multiple times per swing. Ghost Wolf: Cast time reduced to 2 seconds, down from 3. The Global Cooldown of all Totems has been reduced to 1 seconds, down from 1.5 seconds. Rockbiter Weapon: Tooltip and error messages have been adjusted slightly. Shamanistic Rage is now a Physical ability instead of a Magic spell, and thus is no longer dispellable. It now reduces all damage taken by 30% and gives your successful melee attacks a chance to regenerate mana equal to 30% of your attack power. This lasts for 15 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown. Stormstrike has a new icon. Totem timer icons will now show up under your player portrait when you cast totem spells. Rightclicking a totem timer icon will destroy that totem. Toughness will now also reduce the duration of movement slowing effects on you by 10/20/30/40/50%. Tremor Totem now pulses every 3 seconds, down from 4 seconds. The Shaman spell Fire Nova Totem will no longer sometimes detonate without doing any damage. Warlocks

    The personal villification from both sides (from bloggers here of both Anne and Sarah) doesn't help the intellectual debate. I'm looking forward to learning objective facts about Sarah instead of mere opinion, conjecture about her motivations, and hearsay. I don't question Anne's good intentions, but I'm not sure this oped means all that much in the big picture. It is one important data point, though. At least in my humble opinion.

    GoldenEye 007: Reloaded: I hardly remembered the original on the N64. But the HD reimagining with the likeness of the current and far better , , makes things a little more exciting. A fun shooter that blends action and stealth will keep me occupied until next year's early release season. I somehow invested more than 40 hours trying to avoid an everchanging array of zappers, missiles and lasers: It was my "Skyrim." And developer Halfbrick has released substantial updates at a steady pace, meaning I'll be jetpacking well into the new year. ()

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