Russia Apple Cup win the division to win everything

  • Messi afresh came to China to participate in the event, he said in an anniversary next division to win added championships, and strive for the best accompaniment to attempt for the Russian Apple Cup.
    The endure Apple Cup, Argentina denticulate the final but abominably absent to Germany. Searching advanced to next year's Russian Apple Cup, Messi said: "It is still in the condoning stage, we acquire to activity for qualifying, and afresh strive for the Russian Apple Cup to adapt for the best accompaniment to win the championship."
    Messi is accustomed as football and even football history, the a lot of acclaimed star, his aptitude amazing, but he said the accomplishment is the a lot of important: "to accomplish no know-how, to pay the a lot of important, whether it is football, or any added The fields are so. "
    This season, Barcelona alone won the King's Cup champion, Messi bluntly regret: "Every season, Barcelona's ambition is to win all the championships, this division we did not do. Get Baron Cup best we are actual happy, afterwards all, Is aswell a champion, but next division we acquire to plan harder to attempt for added champions.