Do not worry about the referee faint mistake

  • In the upcoming 2017 Confederations Cup, FIFA will experimentally introduce video playback technology. FIFA firmly believes that although the current stage of video playback technology is still not "flawless", but the introduction of the technology, will be able to largely help the referee on duty to make the right decision in order to avoid the wrong The situation that affects the outcome of the match occurs.
    Former Swiss well-known referee, the current FIFA referee committee leader Massimo - Busa card made it clear that the video playback technology will be able to help the referee "make a more correct decision", and to avoid the emergence of the important game that kind of "Obviously, can affect the final outcome of the game wrong penalty." Boozaka frankly admitted that in previous international competitions, there will be the kind of fans can "remember" fatal misjudgment.
    According to FIFA's vision, video playback technology will play an important role in the World Cup in 2018 in Russia: if the referee on duty to determine whether to score, whether the penalty should be punished, whether it should produce a red card when the doubts, Then the video playback technology will undoubtedly help him make the right decision. It is noteworthy that, at the end of this month's U20 World Youth Championship, FIFA has introduced video-assisted law enforcement technology; in addition, the technology has also been in recent months, the international warm-up match has been widely used.
    Dutch legend, AC Milan legend striker Fan - Basten current identity, is the FIFA technical director, he said in an interview with media reporters: "After receiving high-tech support and help, when the referee will be able to To make a high - quality penalty decision, of course, 'perfect' I am afraid that is always an unattainable goal.