Tax evasion is more serious than Massey

  • Madrid local prosecutors announced that it will be against Real Madrid C Luo, the Portuguese suspected tax evasion 14.7 million euros. "Daily Sports Daily" reported that C Luo may be punished by 2 to 6 years imprisonment.
    Prior to the media reported that the beginning of 2009,  C Luo in the British Virgin Islands registered a company called Torin, in six years time, C Lo through the shell company to avoid the high tax rate in Spain. More than a year ago, the Spanish tax department on the C Luo tax issues to investigate. Eventually, the Procuratorate carried out four charges against C Lo, he was suspected of tax 14.7 million euros.
    A member of the Spanish Ministry of Finance said: "C Lo may be sentenced to 2 to 6 years in prison, and its aggravated punishment, may be sentenced to up to 7 years imprisonment. Ciro is in 2012, 2013 and 2014 There are illegal acts, it is conscious, is voluntary, may be aggravated punishment plot.
    Another Spanish financial sector official said, C Luo's tax evasion situation is more serious than Messi, may be given heavier than Messi's punishment.