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  • The Russian side for Loewu choice of players attitude is not happy, a large number of the main players are arranged at home to rest, the European champion Portugal is the main force to Russia. Lovers hope the host can understand, "next year they can see our star, the Confederations Cup, whether it is for the host or the German team are trying to experiment some new things." Loew said the Russian coach Chelsea Chelso is his own player in Innsbruck, he will be the 2018 World Cup as a more important goal, "I can understand some of the players disappointed mood, but we all hope that the German team's first-class players in the next few years to maintain High level, rather than seeing them hurt because they are too tired. http://www.xfifa.com/
    Although the same team of Chile is also the main force to play, but Loew still adhere to the World Cup or the European Cup than the Confederations Cup more important principle, hoping to leave the best state next year, but this will not change the German team Go all out to prepare for the attitude. "I would like to see the young German team meeting the challenges of Chile and defeating Cameroon and Australia," Loew promised that the German team that would appear on the track would still be out of the game. "Loew praised Australia for the game In the positive attitude, never yield, Chile is the highest level of tactics, is one of the strongest football team, is also the favorites of the tournament Cup favorites. As for Cameroon, Loew focuses on their physical and scraping advantages.
    After taking out the nose surgery, he has a total of 22 players to Russia, hope that everyone can get enough playing opportunities, each game will be some rotation. The German team will also use this time the Confederations Cup, to determine next year's World Cup headquarters camp where. There is no doubt that in the Loew go all out to win the Russian World Cup on the journey, the Confederations Cup can only be a training fills.