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Lock floor cleaning and maintenance

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    14 февраля 2018 г. 9:09:15 EET

    1, a plastic: plastic floor to install the lock when the main purpose is to fight the plastic in order to prevent moisture.When installing the glue, then the seams can be sealed, play a preventive role, add a layer of insurance. And lock design deliberately left in the floor for glue flow and solidification of the plastic cavity, the floor can be accurately locked in the design position, reducing the seam becomes larger and the possibility of Alice from the edge, and improve the floor Peugeot and life.

    2, to avoid moisture: Maintenance of the floor will certainly be wiped with a damp cloth or rag, the board is no problem, but the joints between the board and the board is very easy to water, of course, there are several times the moisture into Related, but our floor is to use for many years, many have moisture into the bound will affect the service life of the floor, to consumers loss.

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